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Making your world blossom

Garden design

We design gardens in the original Czech software Sadovnická projekce.

This program allows colorful 3D visualization of the garden during the growing season and in the long term - you will see your garden grow!

The resulting project contains a floor plan, 3D previews (in different seasons and in a growth curve) and a plan of installation.

All projects are created on the basis of close cooperation with clients and reflect their wishes and needs

Both longterm and one-off care of your garden

According to the wishes of the owners, we take care of the gardens on a regular basis or once. We focus mainly on family and representative gardens in Prague 6 and its surroundings.

At the beginning of the 2020 season, we are no longer acquiring new clients. Our capacity is completely filled in this respect.

Lectures, workshops

For the public and individuals interested in gardening, we organize events aimed at popularizing gardening, as a way of relaxation, knowledge and research, a healthy lifestyle and meaningful exercise in the fresh air.

We are currently organizing hobby courses in the center of Prague in cooperation with the ACZ Education Center.


Our work

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